OWA Tents, Awnings & Market Stalls: Open World (HDRP/URP/BIRP)

(ON SALE UNTIL APRIL 11, 2024!!!!!)

This asset is also included with this the OWA City Core full city package. If you are looking for a thorough and comprehensive high quality 3D Environment Kit for building enourmous worlds.

Over 180 Props / Prefabs Included:

  • (67) Tents
  • (54) Window / Door Awnings
  • (14) Market Stalls, & booths
  • (7) skywalk canopies
  • (16) Pavilions
  • (12) Crates
  • (2) Rugged Countertops
  • (2) benches
  • (4) book cases / product shelves
  • (2) display racks
  • (4) tables
  • (1) slop sink
  • (2) wall racks

These props look great and run fast. Thanks to tactful texture budgeting, an open world can be brought to life with small overhead for disk space and very few batches.

This low draw call pack features:

  • Static batching out of the box
  • Extremely Low batches / draw calls
  • Extremely Low set-pass calls
  • Atlased 1-material for everything
  • A huge collection of versatile decorations for streets, markets, carnivals and urban theme areas
  • Flexibility across a wide range of genres including fantasy, steampunk, Victorian, and cyberpunk! The tents and wood items can even be used in medieval projects.
  • A very versatile prop coll the uses the default shaders on each pipeline.
  • Works great in HDRP, URP & the Built-in render pipelines
  • Fast performance and strategic usage of vertices
  • Details that look good far away and up-close

Everything you need to set up the stalls for a marketplace, shanty town, carnival, city center, vendor stalls, you name it.

Bring extra character to your buildings with the included window awning kit. These awning snap perfectly into place on all OWA Buildings and other structures using a 4x4m grid.

This whole pack is designed to give urban environments and market places more character.

Flexible aesthetics that are easy to kitbash and work into existing projects.

Neutral art style is easily adapted to many types of games and genres. Those with basic graphic design skills can alter the appearance by editing a single flat image. The regular sliders for the default shaders for smoothing, metallic, tint, etc are available for customization.

Textures for the atlas include Albedo, Normal, Metallic, Occlusion, and Detail Normal.