VISU - 2D Parallax Solution

VISU - 2D Parallax Solution

Full Parallax experience for your 2D game!

Parallax is when you can sense depth by the way the objects move. This script was made to help developers achieving that effect effortlessly and save hundreds of hours of work.

Enhance your game project with a touch of depth, adding immersion without sacrificing the classic charm of 2D games. Whether you're developing 2D Platformers, Metroidvanias, Endless Runners, Fighting Games, Retro Racing, or other Side-scrollers, a parallax effect can elevate the experience for your players.

It's very simple to set up, no coding required. Assign your backgrounds to the Parallax Manager, position them in the desired depth and there you go! 


  • Horizontal and Vertical Parallax
  • Group objects and use them in a single layer
  • Easy customization of intensity and depth
  • Works with Colliders2D
  • Works with Rigidbody2D movement

BONUS: Comes with Camera Follow script (but you can also use your own)

BONUS 2: Demo Scene + Backgrounds + a little player fella


  1. Purchase the Solution from the Asset Store.
  2. Attach the Parallax Manager to an empty object
  3. Assign your Player, Camera and fine-tune the settings to your liking
  4. Place the objects in your scene at various depth positions (Z-axis)
  5. Assign the objects as Parallax Layer in the Parallax Manager
  6. That's it! Enjoy sweet Parallax effect!

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