Road Textures for MicroVerse Roads


Road Textures for MicroVerse Roads provides extra content for MicroVerse Roads. The textures themselves are general purpose and can of course be used outside of MicroVerse Roads as well in your dedicated materials. The presets are created for MicroVerse Roads, so that you can easily change the look of the roads in your Road System settings with the click of a button.


You probably already have examined the demo road textures, they are included in the MicroVerse Roads Demo. Those were created by me and provided for free for the community. Enjoy!


Among the provided road categories are

  • Asphalt
  • Ground (e. g. Mud)
  • Gravel
  • Pavement

in procedural and scanned sources. And in addition to these textures

  • Noise (e. g. for Lines)
  • Masks (e. g. for Overlays)
  • Textures (e. g. for Overlays)
  • Normal Maps (e. g. for Wear)

You can mix those together in the material settings and customize the provided presets with the individual look that you prefer.

More textures (FREE ones)

I've also created a texture pack for terrain textures that works ideally with this asset of road textures. Because of the continued support I've received over the years from this awesome Unity community I give that one away for free

Enjoy! 😀

Texture Source

The textures were created using procedural techniques as well as scans which were converted to road materials to be used in Unity in combination with MicroVerse Roads. Procedural creation tends to tile smoother than scanned images, however with scanned images you achieve more realism in the scene.

Road Material

The asset provides presets which use the road shader of MicroVerse Roads. The shader enables you to create your own custom combinations. As such this asset can also be considered as a starter package which you can extend and modify easily.

Example: You can have a clean asphalt and add wear noise including road line wear and have a completely different look generated with only a few clicks. Be it from a clean healthy road up to an apocalyptic scenario with heavy damaged cracks in the road.

The presets were created with a large terrain scope in mind. In that regard world space texture space was set in most of the materials. However the asset also contains e. g. pavement textures which naturally looks better when the pavement aligns to the shape of the road, so in that case UV texture space was set up instead of world space. It really depends on your requirements, you can change the settings easily in the road material.

With that in mind feel free to adjust the provided materials depending on your own personal preference.

The Shader

The shader that Jason Booth provides with MicroVerse Roads is just awesome. It works out of the box in all 3 render pipelines. In addition to using the standard textures for Albedo, Normal and Mask Map you can stack other features on it like line wear and wear Masks. Furthermore the shader provides an option which allows stochastic texturing and reduces tiling altogether at the click of a button.

Other features of the shader are the support for Wetness, Puddles, Snow and Trax which you probably already know from MicroSplat Trax.

Recently Jason also added the option to provide Overlays which you can use for e. g. asphalt repairs on damaged roads, leaves and other interesting ideas that come to mind.

Please note that this versatile and flexible shader is provided in MicroVerse Roads and as such depends on MicroVerse Roads being installed.


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