Cartoon Rally Track Sweden

This is cartoon style fantasy rally track environment, inspired by WRC Sweden stages. You can drive between high snow banks through pine forests, and have some fun on frozen lake ice.

I have made the road sections of 2 types of meshes - visual and physical. Visual are driving surface and high snow banks that car can drive through. Physical is the invisible collision mesh under the visual. For offroad parts you can add more drag to your car, slowing it down and making it seem like getting stuck in deep snow.

Total road length exceeds 11 000 meters. You can use the roads for free-roam, or set up your own stages. All necessary objects for that are included - start lights, split time markers, barriers, and even hay rolls for creating chicanes.

This asset is a pre-built cartoon style environment, and comes with many standalone objects you can use.

Basic workflow description:

You can assemble a complete race track within few minutes by dragging and dropping a set of prefabs into your scene. Those are:

* Terrain (road, grass, gravel, rocks)

* Colliders (for fences and roadside trees)

* Portugal Objects - everything related to Portugal environment (houses, fences, roadsigns, cars)

* Trees

* Rally props - banners, markers and signs that are used universally at rally locations

* Windmill rotors - animated objects

After placing the pre-built track components you can easily turn off some of them if you want to customize or optimize your scene.

I have made the grass, tarmac, and gravel as separate meshes. This way you can add different sound effects when car is driving over them. You can use your scripts and physics materials to make the grass mesh slippery.

Additionally, you can place individual objects to further change the appearance of the environment.

Here is the list of all available 3d objects you get with the track.

Sweden objects:

* 4 houses, 4 barns, 4 sheds, 2 churches

* 16 different tree types

* 2 powerline poles - A and I type

* 4 RVs (with and without snow cover)

* 7 cars (with and without snow cover)

* Steel barrier, stone wall

Universal rally props:

* Start light set

* White tent for mechanics or guests

* Dynamic split time markers

* Dynamic hay roll for bounds and chicanes

* Static banners - 4 types small, 1 large

* Dynamic banners - 4 types

* Large gate style banner for jumps

* 1 vertical banner

* Big arch for start and finish

* 2 cloth banners to be placed in forest between trees

* Red/white tape on wood sticks for markng the roads

* Orange saftey mesh for track sides

* Small orange triangle markers on wood sticks, to place before sharp corners

What are the benefits of using this asset?

1. Ease of use. You don't have to spend hours sticking together straights and corners to make a race track. All you have to do is drag prefabs into an empty scene, and you have a cool looking cartoon track with road, grass, mountains, trees, garages, walls and everything else you might need. All what's left is to place your vehicle prefab and start testing.

2. Safety. If you have a scene with track built from separate elements, there is always possibility to corrupt the scene file, or run into compability issues after upgrading engine. If you lose your scene file, all your hard work is lost. With this pre-built modular asset, you will always have complete track after just a few minutes of work.

3. Separate objects. If you don't like the trackside object placement of default track, it's easy to turn off the elements, and place trees, walls, garages and everything else as you see fit.

For any questions about this asset send me an email to or