Versatile Runtime Inspector

Easy to use: Just add the [Export] attribute to a field, and it will be displayed in the runtime inspector.

Versatile Runtime Inspector:

  • Displays object properties at runtime
  • Easy to use
  • Does not disrupt existing workflows
  • Supports all Unity types
  • Some fields can have multiple display styles
  • Drag and resize your inspector window as you like
  • Performance-friendly, customizable update frequency
  • Built on Unity's best-performing UI framework, UIElements
  • Easily create different themes


  • Character panels
  • Settings panels
  • Inventory panels
  • In-game editor object inspector
  • Debugging in-game GameObjects

Supported types:

  • int, uint, float, Double, string, bool, enum, action
  • Vector2, Vectro2Int, Vector3, Vector3Int, Vector4
  • Color, Rect, RectInt, Bound, Quaternion
  • object, Array, List
  • function


  • [Export]

    Supports custom display names

  • [ReadOnly]

    Set to read-only

  • [Label]

    Set to text display, hides field names

    Supported field type: string

  • [Option]

    Supports single and multiple selection

    Supported field types: int, string, List<int>, List<String>

  • [ProgressBar]

    Can set progress bar color and number text display style

    Supported field types: int, float

  • [Slider]

    Can be set to display as a percentage

    Supported field types: int, float

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