Historical Lowpoly Sword Pack Vol.2


This swords pack contains 140 Swords and 140 blueprints ready to use.

In this swords pack vol.2, you will find a lowpoly recreation of the most famous historical swords, among which you can discover:

-Avarian Sabre









-Flame Bladed

-Gotic Bastard

-Grosse Messer









This pack is perfect for your RPG games.

All the swords share a single material and a unique 512x512 texture to enhance performance.

You can find the swords in various colors: Classic color, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Or if your game needs more fantasy, you will also be able to find the swords in Fantasy Red, Fantasy Blue, and Fantasy Green.

In total, each sword is available in 7 colors.

Have fun and enjoy with the pack!