Pulse Illumination: Screen Space Ray-Tracing solution for Unity 3D

Pulse Illumination is our Screen Space Ray Tracing solution for Unity 3D, a high-quality real-time lighting system that provides a great visual improvement to your scenes.


We created Pulse Illumination to use it on our first project: The Bakerville Case.

We decided to share our asset so that other developers can also improve the visual fidelity of their projects.

Our asset allow developers modify its parameters easily.


  • Changeable Rendering Resolution
  • HDR Mode
  • Multi Bounce Ambient Occlusion and Direct Lighting Ambient Occlusion are available to improve shadows.
  • Real-time Global Illumination.
  • Very simple sample scene, all the potential of the assets will stand out more in your scenes.
  • Documentation included.
  • And more...