Stylized Fantasy Graveyard

This package is a stylized fantasy graveyard package made with RPG and MMORPG games in mind. It was made as a respawn zone or for questing purposes, but can simply just add to your environment as well.

There are 18 unique prefabs/meshes and custom skybox included in the package to build out the zone. This is not a modular package. All of the assets are single pieces that are built to place. The stone fence is modular however with 2 different size end pieces and the middle piece to place how you like.

All of the assets are sculpted and texture maps baked (normals and AO).

The textures are all 2k (2048x2048) textures, except for the foliage which is 512x512 or lower since the detail on these small textured objects do not improve with a larger texture size, which is a waste of resources. I tried to make this package as optimized as possible so that you don't have to waste a ton of time optimizing the package, although everyone has different needs so your needs may vary.

The textures are PBR (BaseColor, Metallic, Roughness, Normal, Emmisive).

Unique Prefabs/meshes include:

  • Tree x1 - 2900 tris
  • Bush - 72 tris
  • Thorn Bush - 192 tris
  • Grass - 144 tris each patch
  • Bench - 364 tris
  • Mausoleum - 1700 tris
  • 3x Tombstones - average of 100 - 350 tris
  • Fountain - 2022 tris
  • Lamp Post - 1352 tris
  • Coffin - 570 tris
  • Standing Stone with runes that read "Death" - 62 tris
  • Graveyard Entrance - 1148 tris
  • Tall stone fence end - 92 tris
  • Short stone fence end - 92 tris
  • Stone fence middle - 18 tris
  • Fog FX

If you need support for anything in this package, please feel free to join the discord listed on my asset store page.