Envira Enhance: Advanced Graphics Solutions Library for Unity 3D

Envira Enhance: Immersive Visual Technology

With the complete Envira Enhance package, you have all the components to make your project stand out and take it to the next level.

The complete Envira Enhance package includes:

- Pulse Illumination

- Quantum Volumetrics

- ShadingWorks


We created Envira Enhance to use it on our first project: The Bakerville Case.

We decided to share our asset so that other developers can also improve the visual fidelity of their projects.

Our asset allow developers modify its parameters easily.

Envira is a powerful multi-solution library that is made up of 3 components:

Pulse Illumination: A real-time Global Illumination and Screen Space Ray-Tracing solution.

Quantum Volumetrics: High quality volumetric lighting that is easy to use.

ShadingWorks: Includes a GTAO (Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion) solution and another one that adds contact shadows.

You can find more information about each component below.