Trigger Manager


This is an asset that helps you create, centralize and manage all of the triggers in your scene in one high performance system. These triggers can be physics, distance, or bool activation. You can dynamically add, remove, enable and disable the triggers as well as firing your specific events on target enter or exit.

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Everything will be centralized and you can have one script that holds all the events you want to run throughout the different parts of the scene and have Trigger Manager directly call the specific event when needed through the trigger of your choice. Using this, there will be no need for creating a new collider & script for each and every trigger. You can also make triggers track transforms.


As this asset doesn't rely on any rendering pipeline it works on all and any pipeline (built-in, URP & HDRP)


Work will be a breeze throughout the easy & detailed inspector populated with tooltips as well as being able to position and view all triggers in the scene view directly. You can even snap a trigger to a transform position.


The system offers APIs to help you add and retrieve all trigger types very easily in order to tweak any parameter or change it's activity or even to remove it completely.


Add as many triggers as you need without worrying about performance as it's been taken care of. The system runs once every several frames and has further resting frames spreading the functionality across several frames making sure everything runs smoothly for you. These options can all be set in the settings tab.


The package comes with the source code, a documentation with video tutorials and 3 demos for each, the built-in pipeline and URP. Each demo shows you the different trigger type.

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If you have any questions, need support or have technical issues (bugs), please email me or use the discord server.

Best of luck!