80s/90s Synthwave, Retro Horror Soundtrack -

PURE SYNTH - you can expect dark synth/horror synth, synthwave and ambient synth music with nostalgic vibes.

Ranging from high intensity tracks to slow and melodic tracks - the result is a fully fledged soundtrack made for game devs in need of atmospheric, synthy retro tracks for their video games. The tracks were inspired by 80s and 90s pop culture, soundtracks of old movies, prominent composers of the time and soundtracks of popular retro horror games.

Due to its versatile nature, MIDNIGHT MANOR is not only suitable for horror games. It has an 80s and 90s charm that can be used for different settings (for ex. walking simulators).

-Tracks for different sequences in your games to make a coherent soundtrack (cinematic scene, chase themes, scary and sad themes, menu, ambient, etc.)

-SFX and stingers

-More than 27 minutes of music

-Usage of digital and analogue synthesizers as well as an electric guitar for soundscapes

-Inspired by recent and old soundtracks of retro (horror) games (Silent Hill, Puppet Combo games, etc.) and 80s/90s media (Blade Runner and old horror movies)

If requested by customers, I'll update the pack with bonus material and/or variations of tracks.

If you're looking for a personal/exclusive soundtrack, get in contact with me: berk.oo@outlook.com. You can always inform me when you're uploading a game with my tracks, so that I can promote it on social media.

Crediting me is greatly appreciated and could look like this: SOUNDTRACK BY BERK ACE / ADDITIONAL TRACKS BY BERK ACE.

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