Horror Music Pack - Essential

Horror Music Pack - Essential ​is what you need to make your game more immersive and enhance the players' experience.

- - - -SAMPLER- - - -


- - - -WALKTHROUGH- - - -


15 Loopable Tracks

15 Full Length Tracks


All music tracks inside this Pack are safe to use inside YouTube and Twitch

They can be used without any concerns of copyright strikes, flags, or demonetization.

This is essential if you want to stream your video games

- - - TRACKLIST - - - (.WAV, 44.1kHz, 16-bit)

  • A former one LOOP
  • A former one
  • All Reversed LOOP
  • All Reversed
  • Anomaly LOOP
  • Anomaly
  • Black Luna LOOP
  • Black Luna
  • Black Memory LOOP
  • Black Memory
  • Candles LOOP
  • Candles
  • Chant of the Anxiety LOOP
  • Chant of the Anxiety
  • Chasing Me LOOP
  • Chasing Me
  • In The Deep Fog LOOP
  • In The Deep Fog
  • Insomnia Attack LOOP
  • Insomnia Attack
  • Metal Heart Scraps LOOP
  • Metal Heart Scraps
  • Need Light LOOP
  • Need Light
  • Signs of the Past LOOP
  • Signs of the Past
  • Sulfur Cloud LOOP
  • Sulfur Cloud
  • Tenstions without release LOOP
  • Tenstions without release


This pack was created with Survival, Adventure, Psychological, Horror in mind, the tracks can also be suitable for action/adventure horror, and Miscellaneous games.

These tracks were inspired by the atmospheric music of Triple-A Horror/Survival Games. Bring that inspiration into your game's most explorative journeys.


Each track was composed and produced using top industry-standard software found in professional studios around the world.

Take your game to the next level.

This Music Pack is essential to enhance your video game, but if you need more custom music, feel free to contact me!

Learn more about me at http://carlotuzza.com/

Cover art: Tiziana Contino