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Atomic Console is a streamlined in-game command console for Unity. It's designed for performance, capable of handling over 1000+ static and non-static commands and displaying up to 300 logs without a hitch. The console offers password-protected commands for added security and an IMGUI-based skin editor for customization. You can easily manage available commands with a simple editor window, and disable any you don't need without removing them. The console supports auto-fill and command suggestion for quick command execution and includes a feature for executing multiple commands in a single line, separated by semicolons. Only basic C# knowledge is required for setup and usage.

.High-Performance Execution: Capable of invoking over 1000+ static and non-static commands without sacrificing performance.

  1. Log Capacity: Supports displaying up to 300 logs, ideal for debugging and in-game data tracking.
  2. Password Protection: Enhanced security with password-protected commands, perfect for admin-level functionalities.
  3. IMGUI Skin Editor: Customize the look of your console with a built-in skin editor, leveraging the power of IMGUI.
  4. User-Friendly Editor Window: A straightforward editor window that lists all available commands, allowing you to disable rather than delete them.
  5. Low Learning Curve: Designed for ease of use, requiring only minimal C# knowledge to integrate into your project.
  6. Sleep Mode: A resource-saving feature that puts the console into a low-power state when not in use.
  7. Lean Architecture: The package is not bloated, focusing only on the features you need for an effective in-game console.
  8. Multi-line Command Execution: Execute multiple commands in a single line by separating them with a semicolon (;). This feature allows for batch execution of commands, streamlining operations and reducing the need to input commands one by one.
  9. Auto-fill and Command Suggestion: The console offers real-time command suggestions as you type. Hit the 'Tab' key to auto-fill the rest of the command. This feature not only speeds up the command input process but also minimizes errors due to typos or forgotten command names. Suggestions are intelligently filtered based on user permissions to display only the commands a user is authorized to use.