Horror Games Music Pack OFFICIAL SALE

Introducing the Horror Music Pack for Unity: a bone-chilling collection of 15 original themes that will send shivers down your players' spines. Immerse them in the eerie and macabre with our carefully crafted compositions, perfect for horror video games and spine-tingling experiences.

Whether you're crafting a dreadful storyline, amplifying jump-scare moments, or immersing players in a world of terror, the Horror Music Pack is your gateway to unparalleled fear-inducing soundscapes. Elevate your scary game with multiple tracks in different styles for different levels of goosebumps: from orchestral music to Jazz, 80's retro Synthwave and quirky Hip-hop


  • 15 unique music themes with elaborate full-length structures;
  • 66 WAV files, including full-length versions, loops and intro/outros;
  • 1 hour and 16 minutes of audio in 16 bit / 44.1 Khz format

Track List:

  1. Welcome To Transylvania (main theme, 2 loops, 4 stingers): a terrifyingly creepy piece with orchestral elements that combine in a macabre effect: trembling strings, spirit choirs, an eerie harpsichord, a church organ and a ghostly-sounding theremin.
  2. Spooky Waltz (main theme, 2 loops, 1 stinger): spooky Halloween music theme with mysterious music-box, strings tremolos, ghost-like theremin melody, skeletal harpsichord to create a sinister and haunted mood.
  3. Horror Ambience (main theme, 2 loops, 1 stinger): scary background music with a haunted house atmosphere. Melancholic piano with dark pads and tense strings.
  4. Stranger Vibes (main theme, 2 loops, 1 stinger): dark, gloomy retrowave track, in the style of 80s sci-fi and horror tv shows, with pulsing analog synthesizers. Mysterious mood perfect for Halloween related productions, cinematic titles, haunting scenes.
  5. Creepy Tales (main theme, 2 loops, 2 stingers): eerie, slightly quirky and grotesque soundtrack perfect for halloween or horror productions.
  6. Hostile Anlien Planet (2 main themes, 4 loops, 1 stinger): eerie and disturbing background orchestral music with elements of vintage Sci-Fi or Horror Hollywood movies: tremolo vibraphone, ghostly theremin, dissonances, tone clusters, thrilling sound effects.
  7. Halloween Masquerade (main theme, 1 solo, 2 loops, 1 stinger): spooky horror orchestral music perfect for Halloween specials, commercials, amusement parks, parties, intros and promos. Sinister vibe with a steady slow tempo, featuring goosebumps instruments like eerie music-box, scary harpsichord, ghost-like synth, trembling soprano voice.
  8. Midnight Encounters (main theme, 2 loops, 1 stinger): suspenseful halloween music track with a slow, on the sly cadence. Inquiring, inquisitive feel, with a slightly quirky and ironic mood.
  9. Halloween Show (main theme, 2 loops): a glomy, dissonant march music with a really grotesque and spooky atmosphere. Childish voices and whistling, creepy pipe organ, dark music box and scary theremin melodies.
  10. Strange Hip Hop (main theme, 2 loops, 1 stinger): quirky, mysterious hip hop track mixing chamber orchestra pizzicato strings with funky drum beat: an original mixture perfect for odd situations, weird or curious scenes.
  11. Spying Operation (main theme, 3 loops): cinematic soundtrack perfect for action and thriller scenes. Suspense, tension mood. Rhythmic hi-hats and percussions patterns, low and grave piano notes, thrilling sound effects.
  12. Danse Macabre (main theme, 2 loops, 1 stinger): original horror music theme with some kind of quirky, ironic vibe. Odd harpsichord pizzicato, gloomy sounds of bass clarinet, celeste, phantasmagorical synth pads, the mysterious vocalizes of a soprano and choir create altogether a creepy yet grotesque atmosphere.
  13. Goblin Nightmare (main theme, 2 loops): haunting soundtrack in the style of 80's horror movies. This retro sound is obtained using guitar effects, synthesizers sounds, harpsichord and organ.
  14. Dark Winter (main theme, 2 loops, 1 stinger): eerie orchestral cinematic track perfect for halloween related productions. The swirling strings' staccato, together with the persistent and anxious chords trembling by the piano and with the choir-like pad, contribute to a gloomy, creepy horror atmosphere.
  15. Skeletons Dance (main theme, 3 loops): haunting hallowen music with hammering harpsichord playing dissonant harmonies and spooky sounds of thermemin, low horns and edgy strings.