Bird Flock Seagull 2023

Bird Flock Seagull 3.0 is a colony of seagulls that breaths life into a scene. It's easy to use by simply dragging the flock object into the scene, then adjust the settings to your needs. Version 3.0 provides a variety of optimizations and new features.


  • Easy to use
  • Area roaming bird flock
  • Many customization options
  • Simple UV map, easy to change texture
  • Landing spot system
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Includes feather particles
  • 236 tris model
  • 2048x2048px texture resolution

3.0 Features

  • Baked models for great performance
  • Custom baked animation system
  • Remastered textures
  • Optimized script performance
  • Removed update garbage collection
  • Generic rig support
  • Improved editor

Uses Standard shaders, ready to be converted to URP/HDRP.

Compatible with Unity 2021.3 up to new versions of Unity(2023+)

Support available for assistance if any problems should occur.