Sci-Fi Game Sound Effects

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A massive collection with a wide variety of sound events will bring to life and perfectly complement your project in the genre of futurism, post-apocalyptic, as well as hybrid and mixed genres, where alien life, flying spacecrafts, living otherworldly creatures, cyborgs and robots fighting, shining energy charges and other extraterrestrial civilizations are around.

The package contains 600 sound effects, divided into 12 folders:

  1. «Ambiences» - inside 10 futuristic ambient sounds.
  2. «Creatures» - inside 50 sounds of creature voices, such as alien, demon, reptile, swampy, predator, insectoid, troll and others.
  3. «Drones» - 15 sci-fi background sounds for in-game scenes or for backing in menus and menu sections.
  4. «Energy» - 35 sound effects, such as energy whooshes, energy appearance, activation and failure, sparks and deactivation and more.
  5. «Engines» - 40 seamless looped engine sounds for use in creating ground and flying vehicles. There are clean sounds without processing in mono format, and design sounds with additional processing in stereo format.
  6. «Interfaces» - 44 sounds of various interfaces, such as looped alarms and alerts, looped interference, dashboard sounds, computer sounds, and more.
  7. «MagicSpells» - 14 types of magic spells, including angelic, dark, healing, buffs and debuffs, magic shots and impulses, water, ice and more. A total of 75 sound effects inside the folder.
  8. «Mechanisms» - 46 sound effects of various mechanisms, such as tanks, servos, barriers, pistons, etc.
  9. «Robotic» - inside a wide variety of robotic sound effects, including charging, movement, broken and glitches, voice sounds, feeders, stimulants, energy clots, and more. A total of 100 sounds.
  10. «UI» - a user interface of 75 sounds including notifications, cancellations, buttons, confirmations and upgrades, pencil movement, selections and more.
  11. «Vehicles» - complex sounds of futuristic vehicle engines containing seamless loops of copters, helicopters, space cars, space fighters, transporters, space bikes, spacecrafts. The folder includes 30 loops in stereo format.
  12. «Weapons» - blasters, laser guns, handguns, rifles, light blades, rockets, flamethrowers, including 80 sound effects in mono format.

Use this package in your projects:

  • to create futuristic atmospheres and environments
  • to voice your mechanisms and interfaces
  • to create a system of magical witchcraft
  • to create a sound system for your weapons
  • for creating an engine system for ground and flying transportation
  • to voice creatures and otherworldly lifeforms
  • for voicing robots, their actions, attacks, failure, glitches, and movements
  • for managing menus and notifications, upgrades and cancellations and much more.

All sound effects are designed with different synthesizers, which means that there is no extraneous noise in them. For some sounds, additional reverb and delay processing has been used.

You can use sounds to directly voice audio events or by mixing them to create new sound variations, as the package opens up great possibilities for experimentation and creation.

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