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NEON3D Introducing - Realistic Mansion Interior pack

The package includes features to be used to create your game environment design.

We as game developers understand that to create your next game, you’ll need high-quality, game-ready models - and many of them.

The asset contains 114 prefabs, 106 models, and active shaders to spice up the design like the fountain water and raindrops on windows.

It all comes with PBR texture sets - res. 4K-2K, and have non-sharp edges for a good light ray reflection. For URP and HDRP users.

In more detail:

🌟High Quality - the models were gently made by considering polycount, mesh, textures, and UV so you’ll be able to turn your design idea into a ready game.

🌟Realism - the models include the “small details” in them, and we understand that textures play an important role in realism, so the textures were picked and edited carefully to fit the mansion's environment.

🌟Functionality - many models are also functional, which means that you can open and close drawers, rotate doors and the same goes for other furniture and interiors.

🌟Shaders - the package contains 4 kinds of water shaders to spice up the design: fountain, raindrops on the window, water stream, and the water pool.

🌟Free Scene! - we added a scene of a designed mansion that contains all the features for you to use and learn from.

Push your limits forward and start creating your game – enjoy endless creativity – NEON3D.

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