RPG Monster Wave 3 Polyart


- You can have 10 different monsters with animations in stylized fashion

- It only has 1 universial material with 1 albedo texture(512 x 512) and 1 Emission texture(512 x 512) for all monsters. Extremely low weight in texture memory usage

- SRP HDRP/URP 100% supported ( 12.1.7 or Higher )

- Mask Tint Shader for infinite color customization provided (Built-in, URP, HDRP)

- Optimized for mobile games(low poly) ranging from 1273 Tris to 7523 Tris per character

- Various animations(16) for all 10 unique enemy monsters. ( List is below at Technical Details )

Dungeon Mason proudly presents you RPG Monster Wave 3 Polyart. This light weight characters will be suitable for any of your game projects spanning from mobile to PC desktop, but especially good for mobile RPG and TPS and Top down action game development.

If you have any questions or request, fire away your needs through the followings.