Integration of Love/Hate Faction System into Game Creator 2 OFFICIAL SALE

This Game Creator 2 module integrates all functionalities from the Love/Hate Unity Asset by PixelCrushers into Game Creator 2. This module allows you to leverage the features of Love/Hate within the Game Creator 2 ecosystem seamlessly including the integration of Love/Hate in Game Creator 2's own save system.

This Module requires:

  1. Love/Hate: Love/Hate is a Unity Asset that provides a system for simulating emotional interactions and relationships between characters in a game. It includes features for managing factions, relationships, emotions, deeds, and more.
  2. Love/Hate: Install Love/Hate's Assembly Definition Package (Plugins/PixelCrushers/LoveHate/Scripts/LoveHateAssemblyDefinitions)
  3. Game Creator 2: Game Creator 2 is a Unity extension that offers a high-level framework for creating video games without needing to write extensive amounts of code. It provides a visual scripting system and other tools for managing gameplay mechanics, AI, interactions, and more.

This module is tailored to handle the specific interaction between these two systems. They translate and transfer data, and provide compatibility between the two assets' different mechanisms and paradigms. This allows developers to use Love/Hate's advanced emotional interactions within the easier-to-use, visual-focused environment of Game Creator 2.

The scripts handle various aspects of this integration, such as:

  • Defining new Game Creator 2 events that respond to Love/Hate's emotional states and relationships.
  • Ensuring that the events from Love/Hate properly trigger actions in Game Creator 2, and vice versa.

Ultimately, these scripts streamline the process of building more emotionally complex and nuanced AI interactions within games developed using Game Creator 2, by making the functionalities of Love/Hate readily available within this environment.

If you require assistance, please feel free to send me an email or join my Discord server using the following link: