GroomingStack - Hair, Fur and More

What's the goal?

The main objective is to provide a modular tool that aids in importing, animating, and rendering hair, fur, and more with GPU-accelerated performance.

What are the features?

- Blender exporter that supports curves and particle systems

- Tool that convert any card hair to strands

- Reshape any strands geometry to any surface

- Save detailed models in a compact ".trails" format with topology lines

- Unity ".trails" importer that converts data into meshes with topology "lines"

- Dynamic, automatic LOD system

- GPU Physics Engine

- Easily decimate hair/fur with the automatic Decimator

- Embed hair/fur into skinned meshes or even embed them into each other

- Pseudo-Instanced Trail Renderer

- Hair/Fur lighting model

- Frustum culling

- Compatible with mobile and works smoothly with any render pipeline or shader.

What's in the pipeline?

- Export hair from Blender and Maya

- Import hair to Unity

- Set up the modular GpGroomingSack component to enable all the needed features.


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