vInspector 2

Game-changing workflow enhancer

vInspector 2 offers simple yet powerful UI/UX improvements that eliminate many pain points of Unity editor

  • Minimal - no clutter, no intrusive features
  • Intuitive - user experience is simple and polished
  • Customizable - all features are optional
  • Lightweight - no lags, no increase in compile time

Navigation bar

- Bookmark GameObjects and assets

- Go back and forward in selection history

Component windows

- Alt-Drag a component to pin it in a floating window

Component copy-pasting

- Copy multiple comoponents

- Paste as new by clicking the "Paste Components" button

- Paste values by clicking buttons on target components

Save in play mode

- Click save buttons on components to save edits in play mode


- Collapse/expand all components with Ctrl-Shift-E

- Collapse all components except one with Shift-E

- Toggle component enabled with A

- Delete component with X


- Component collapse/expand animations

- Component delete animation

Visual customization

- Reduce visual clutter with Minimal Mode

- Remove unused buttons from components

- Remove "Script" variable (click script icon instead to open/locate script)

- Set bookmark icons with vHierarchy 2


- Add [Button] before functions to create buttons

- Add [Foldout] before variables to group them into foldouts

- Add [Tab] before variables to group them into tabs

- Use [ShowInInspector] to show static, private and other variables

- Use [OnValueChanged] to call functions on variable edits

- Use [ReadOnly] to block vairable edits

- Use [Variants] to create value selectors for variables

- Use [HideIf] and [DIsableIf] to hide or disable variables based on other variables

And more

- Edit and serialize dictionaries

- Reset variables to default value from script or prefab

- Use static functions and variables without creating GameObjects

What's new in 2.0

Pretty much all of the above, plus a few changes:

  • Buttons now support arguments
  • Buttons can be colored
  • Attributes are now supported in custom classes
  • Variants attribute now works on variables of any type
  • No need to create "vInspectorData" variable
  • Performance improvements

Delete vInspector 1 before upgrading to vInspector 2