Low Poly Aztec Jungle URP RG

The Low Poly Aztec Jungle URP asset pack is the perfect solution for game developers and designers looking to create a stunning and immersive Aztec jungle-themed game. With a vast array of assets including trees, buildings, rocks, props, and more, this pack includes everything you need to create an amazing game environment.

Gone are the days of scouring the store for individual 3D models - with Aztec Jungle pack, you can easily create fully-realized levels without the hassle of creating assets from scratch. Whether you're building a new game from scratch or adding an Aztec jungle level to an existing project, this pack will save you time and effort.

The pack includes an epic collection of low poly assets, including buildings, foliage, and props, all designed with a keen eye for detail. With these assets, you can create a truly authentic and immersive Aztec jungle experience for your players.

- 1 scenes (Demo,)

- 17 materials [ 1 main (with a 128x128 texture) The rest standard materials to diversify the assset ]

- 1 textures with resolution 128x128

- 260 unique meshes and prefabs

-Average polygon count 150-200~