Stylized meadow

Please check playable Demo to evaluate the performance. To close window of Demo app press Alt+F4.

For now, the pack supports only Built-in pipeline. Version 2021.3 or newer

The pack includes 33 unique separate prefabs (trees, bushes, stones, river, waterfall)

Assets details:

- 4 stylized bark textures

- 6 stylized leaf textures

- 2 stylized grass textures

- 4 special shaders (for waterfall, leaves, rivers, and flowers). Foliage shaders have wind effect

- 10 stylized stone models

- 4 stylized bush models

- 8 stylized flower models

- 9 stylized tree models

- 1 waterfall model

- 1 river model

Range of polygons in models:

Stones - Minimum 48, Maximum 358 triangles

Flowers (including flowers combined into groups of flowers) - Minimum 16, Maximum 1272 triangles

Bushes - Minimum 922, Maximum 1628 triangles

Trees - Minimum 1692, Maximum 6714 triangles

Waterfall - 48 triangles

River - 1760 triangles

Texture types and sizes:

Waterfall and River - Diffuse, Normal, Alpha, Height textures. Source file sizes 2048x2048

Stones - Albedo, Metallic, Normal, Height, Occlusion. Source file sizes 2048x2048

Barks - Albedo. Source file sizes 1024x1024

Leaves - Alpha, 6 1024x1024, 1 512x512

Flowers - Diffuse, Alpha 1024x1024

Grass - Alpha, 1024x1024

Please pay attention:

- Scene uses post-processing for color grading, ambient occlusion, and depth of field. You may disable it in your post-processing profile if you don't need it.

- Prefabs use custom shaders, so the standard Paint Trees tool can't be used.

- Didn't test it on mobile.