AI Toolbox with ChatGPT, DALL·E, Whisper, Gemini etc

Take your game development process to new heights with AI Toolbox:

  • Write and edit code with the help of ChatGPT, Google Gemini or Microsoft Azure.
  • Chat about your project with an AI assistant directly in Unity.
  • Use ChatGPT at runtime in your game for dialogue, character stories etc.
  • Generate textures and sprites in Unity Editor with DALL·E.
  • Use OpenAI's Moderation API to detect and classify toxicity in any user-generated content.
  • Text-to-speech lets you convert any text into a spoken audio clip at runtime, in many languages.
  • Speech-to-text transcribes audio into text in many languages, which is super useful for in-game commands etc.

To generate code you can simply type a prompt describing a C# script, shader or UI Document you want to create. ChatGPT will use your prompt to generate the code, leveraging its advanced language understanding and generation capabilities. This streamlined process allows you to focus on the creative aspects of your project while reducing the time spent on manual coding.

Effortlessly modify existing scripts using ChatGPT: Simply right-click any script in the Project view, select "Edit C# Script with ChatGPT," and provide a description of the desired modifications. ChatGPT will intelligently analyze the existing script and apply the requested changes, streamlining your script editing process.

AI Toolbox also allows you to generate images (even seamlessly tileable ones) from text descriptions right in your Unity project using DALL·E, an advanced stable diffusion model. It can be used to generate textures, UI elements, logos, reference images, and more.


🧩 Seamless Integration: Simply press the "Generate Script" button instead of the usual "Add Script" button in Unity. Then, type a ChatGPT prompt describing the C# script you'd like to add, click "Generate," and the script is automatically created and added to your project.

🤖 AI-Powered Script Generation: Powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Gemini or Microsoft Azure, this asset leverages advanced language understanding and generation capabilities to create accurate, functional, and contextually relevant C# scripts based on your prompts.

💬 "Chat with AI" tool: Talk with ChatGPT or Gemini directly in the Unity Editor separately from code generation. This is super useful to get further clarifications, ask which scripts are needed for a feature, explain a snippet of code, etc.

💰 Free Access: AI Toolbox does not require a paid ChatGPT account. Each ChatGPT user gets a limited-time free API quota that is enough to generate thousands of scripts. Moreover, we've added an option to use all OpenAI features for free even after your trial period has ended! Simply enable the proxy server in the plugin settings. This allows using all features without limitations in time, and no payment information is needed.

✍️ Guiding Prompts System: Benefit from our carefully crafted prompt system, optimized for coding tasks and Unity-specific challenges, ensuring optimal AI-generated results.

🎨 Not just scripts! Generate textures and sprites with DALL·E, UI Documents for Unity's UI Toolkit and shaders right in the Unity editor! AI Toolbox helps with development on all fronts.

⚙️ Runtime usage: Use ChatGPT in shipped games, not just in the Editor. You can use it for things like NPC dialogue, random character names, etc. All Unity build platforms are supported.

✨ Multiple generative API: It's not just ChatGPT, but also speech recognition (speech-to-text), speech synthesis (text-to-speech) and AI content moderation.

⬆️ Continuous updates: AI Toolbox gets regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Unity, as well as improvements to the AI model's performance and accuracy.

📖 Elaborate online documentation: If you've got issues or questions, most likely they are already answered in the ever-expanding online documantation.

🤝 Fast and friendly support: Join our community of developers to share your experiences, get tips, and receive help with any questions.


  • Added support for Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service! It makes ChatGPT even more accessible.
  • Added support for Google Gemini! It is available for all Editor tasks, including code generation and freeform chat. In our tests Gemini produced outstanding results for Unity-related topics. Plus, it's super cheap and includes a $300 free credits.
  • Aadded support for the latest ChatGPT model GPT-4 Turbo (1106-preview). This update greatly reduces the price of using GPT-4 and increases the size of scripts GPT can understand and generate.
  • Added a "Follow-up" button that allows to conveniently iterate on code with ChatGPT. You can now ask for changes to code in the same window where it is generated.
  • Added a "Chat with ChatGPT" window: this is useful to get further clarifications, ask which scripts are needed for a feature, explain a snippet of code, etc.
  • Improved shader generation: there's now a preview of the generated shader, error detection, as well as follow-up functionality.


This asset works with both free and paid OpenAI accounts and proxy servers. If you are using a free OpenAI account, we recommend checking if you have remaining OpenAI usage quota before buying. To check, please enter a prompt in the OpenAI Playground. If you get an error, you probably have exhausted the free API credit and may need to set up a paid account in OpenAI Billing Overview. Please note that ChatGPT Plus is not related to purchasing API credits that are used in this asset. In our calculations, generating and editing one large script costs about $0.001 (one-tenth of a cent). Proxy servers also provide free API usage credits.

ChatGPT and DALL·E are a powerful tools for script and texture generation and can significantly aid in the game development process. However, it is essential to understand that the asset's ability to generate scripts and textures is limited by the current capabilities of the AI. It may not produce accurate or desired results in every scenario or for highly complex requirements. It is recommended to use this asset as a supplementary tool to streamline your development workflow, but not as a complete replacement for manual coding and design.

Please be aware that ChatGPT, being an ML model, may sometimes generate scripts that cannot be compiled and will show errors in the Unity Console. We've added a nifty feature making ChatGPT correct its own initial errors, which is pretty cool. While we strive to improve the accuracy and functionality of the generated scripts, we have no direct control over the AI's output. Please read our tips on writing good coding prompts.