Toon Effects Maker URP - Anime & Cartoon FX

Toon Effects Maker URP is a complete framework that allows the easy & creative composition of new effects in Unity. The system is compatible with Shuriken and all Unity platforms in URP pipeline.


Toon Effects Maker URP is released at -50% Discount in new releases sale !

Also upgrades to the Environment Building Bundle for $119 for a limited time.


Toon Effects Maker URP can be upgraded to Sky Master UTLIMATE for $29 and Sky Master UTLIMATE also upgrades to all other major ARTnGAME assets from $9 to $59.


Toon Effects Maker New URP Effects Demo

Toon Effects Maker Base Effects Demo

Sprite Sheet Maker Demo

Multiple advanced tools allow the creation of sprite sheets from any animated item, motion recording and playback, advanced aura effects & dynamic control, easy exchange of individual properties between particles or inherit from the 200+ effects library & much more.

A complete Toon Ocean system is also included, that allows the easy creation of stunning dynamic oceans or water, ice or lava.

The framework is written in C# code and the source code is provided.


Effect creation guide | Fire effects

Water effects | Nature, Air & Other effects

If you have any requests for new features or feedback, please visit the Unity forum thread.

For support, contact me via [Facebook] [E-mail] or in the ARTnGame Discord Channel

More info on the official website


For tutorials & latest information, visit the ARTnGame forum.


The Asset supports the URP pipeline. The asset has been developed and tested in Unity 2021.3 LTS, in Windows with DX11. Has not been tested in VR, Mobile, Consoles, WebGL, Linux.