RG Brave Warrior - Platformer 2D Kit


>>> Download DEMO ANDROID (APK file) <<<


+ Total 3 worlds (can add more)

+ Total 30 well made levels (can add more)

+ Total over 20 unique enemies (Normal Enemy, Smart Enemy and 3 Bosses)

+ 2 heroes to play (can add more)

+ Player's actions (Throw Dagger, Wall Sliding, Rolling…)

+ Level make with Tilemap, very easy to edit and change the graphics

+ Shop System (Buy item, upgrade player, IAP, RemoveAd)

+ Make money with UnityAds/Admob (Show ads on Gameover/Victory, watch rewarded video)

+ Make money with IAP (Buy coins and Remove ad)

+ Total C#, easy to learn


+ Find the tutorial clip in the Tutorial file in the project


+ Custom more features, functions for game

+ Reskin the graphics


+ If you have any problem, please contact me for support before give the bad review.

=> Contact: rinanh.contact@gmail.com