Simple FPS Kit with AI Zombies - PC and mobile versions

1. Change the weapons to get different guns, with zoom / close hold feature.

2. All weapons have unique sounds.

3. Shotguns can fire multiple bullets which can hit different enemies.

4. Snipers zoom feature.

5. All guns have recoil.

6. All guns have dynamic crosshair based on walk, run, shoot etc.

7. Damage caused by bullet of any gun can be adjusted.

8. Knife included.

9. Granade blast with hit is included.

10. Different Footsteps sounds in Grass,Sand,Concrete,and water.

11. FPS (Frame/second) meter is shown on top left of the screen.

12. All weapons have bullets in magazing and bag showing on top Right.

13. Player health is shown on top right (as 100).

14. Player health decreases when enemy hits player.

15. AI enemies included.

16.added weapoin swiching, drop and pick up system