MEST - Messy's Easy Settings Toolkit

No coding needed! Using helpful custom inspectors and the power of scriptable objects you can create any type of game menu with MEST.


MEST can support hundreds of different built in unity settings as well as unlimited custom settings you want to create. But dont worry about massive save files, as MEST will only save the settings you have picked for your game!


Using the power of scriptable object events, MEST gives you the ability to create any type of custom setting!


Using the New Input System is a lot easier with MEST. Now with only a few clicks of your mouse you can have input rebinding, with save & load. Requires New Input version 1.1.1 currently, as has issues with latest version (1.5.+) of the new input system. 


With MEST, the scriptable object events system allows you to already support the old input system for input rebinding! There is no current quick out of the box support in the same way as the New Input system.


Control the volume of multiple audio groups using the handy scriptable object audio controller.


Actually MEST is more than just a settings kit, you can create any type of game menu as well as so many great core tools to help you make any game:

  • Scene loader
  • Custom Splash screen tools
  • UI Fader to animate your UI without needing dotween
  • Helpful events to subscribe to
  • ScriptableObject events system
  • and so much more...

MEST can support anything you throw at it (until it explodes).

Coming soon - official HDRP & URP support:

The only reason we have not included HDRP and URP support in the description is because we need to finish the demo scenes and documentation for them! But do not worry, if you need these urgently, you can add these yourselves.

Free ART!

Includes amazing 3D models from Reversed Interactive

x17 3D model prefabs from the new ReversedInt HEX series

Custom water shader made using Amplify

Messy Scripts to animate clouds - looks pretty

Custom Messy UI Art

x26 UI simple Messy textures for your GUI

x2 cute mouse pointers

Kenney UI & Icons : Amazing CC0 artwork from

Helpful Links


Thanks to many many people for all their help, including (listed alphabetically):