PBR Firearms FPS Weapons - Pack 1 Complete Bundle

A bundle which includes all 7 PBR FPS weapons packs from Pack - 1.

Regular Price 140$

Bundle Price 105$ (🤑 Save 25% on top of the current price 🤑)

These packs are containing 18 high detail, triple-a quality FPS models without animations.

The models consist of several parts, so animating is quick and easy.

The models have highly detailed 4K PBR textures.

A simple conversion for URP or HDRP is possible.

The perfect choice for first person shooter.

Triple A models and textures.

After purchasing this bundle, visit each package listed below, and you will be able to get them for free.

All of our PBR FPS assets from this series: https://assetstore.unity.com/lists/pbr-first-person-shooter-9071700807683

For questions contact us on Discord: https://discord.gg/qzz2DrU9nV