Infinite Scroll View 2.0

Infinite Scroll allows you to create an effect in the UI that makes your elements scroll infinitely. This can serve as an interesting effect, but can also improve the UX in some cases. For example, when creating a selector you can use the Infinite Scroll to give users easy access to elements that they otherwise would have to scroll down for. You can also use this for creating a nice collage of elements (like pictures) that the user can scroll through.

It also offers an optimized solution for Snapping, Scrolling and everything Unity's 'Scroll Rect' offers.

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Curious? Try the demo!

🌐 WebGL demo


  • (Optional) Scroll elements infinitely on the vertical and horizontal axes.
  • Elements within the scrollable area automatically wrap around, no code is needed to make it work.
  • Extended from Unity Scroll Rect for reusability and familiarity.
  • Snapping to any element, fully configurable.
  • No code required simply use the component to configure everything. Or if you are more experienced, use our public API to listen to events to do even more advanced functioniality.
  • Optimized workflow for easy creation and management.
  • A complete demo scene showcasing how to implement and use the asset.
  • Tested and optimized for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and web (WebGL).

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