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2522 Sounds in total.

Sound Packages:

  1. Boardgame
  2. Chime Clock (Mechanical, Big)
  3. Digital Noise Seamless Loops
  4. Doors (Modular)
  5. Locks (Modular)
  6. Drawer Chest
  7. Modify Misc.
  8. Parachute
  9. Terminal
  10. Footsteps (Various: Bricks, Broken Glass, Carpet, Cellophane, Concrete, Entrance, Wood, Grass, Gravel, Grille, Ladder, Metal Roof, Metal, Metal Pipe, Sand, Slate, Snow, Stairs, Trash, Wallrun (Concrete or else), Water.)
  11. VHS, VCR
  12. Woosh