Stylized Fantasy Human NPC Pack

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Asset Description:

This package is designed for stylized / fantasy games. This creature pack is well detailed and can be used for First Person camera.

Various color materials for wide color customization included!

PBR Stylized Material:

  • 66 Handpainted Diffuse Maps
  • 22 Normal Maps
  • 5 Emissive Maps

Choose between different styles:

  • Blue Granny
  • Green Granny
  • Yellow Granny

  • Blue Priestess
  • Green Priestess
  • Purple Priestess

  • Green Sorceress
  • Purple Sorceress
  • Red Sorceress

  • Blue Villager Female (Type A)
  • Brown Villager Female (Type A)
  • Green Villager Female (Type A)

  • Blue Villager Female (Type B)
  • Red Villager Female (Type B)
  • Yellow Villager Female (Type B)

  • Blue Blacksmith
  • Green Blacksmith
  • Red Blacksmith