Dreamscape Village - Stylized Fantasy Open World


A collection of AAA stylized modular assets to create stunning next-gen medieval and fantasy villages and landscapes with ease!

Download the playable demo to check out the assets in action!

Featuring over 400 high-quality assets, and a fully modular building system with interiors, this stylized environment pack is optimized for all platforms, including large-scale open-world games. Check out the animated GIFs and Trailer to get a better taste.

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Optimized for all platforms and URP

Standard RP - Unity 2021.3 +

Universal RP - Unity 2021.3+


  • Modular Buildings with interiors.
  • High-quality low poly optimized foliage, trees, and forests with a next-gen stylized look.
  • Highly optimized material workflow using master materials and material instances with fully customizable parameters and color palettes.
  • Stylized particle effects.
  • Distant Billboards for all trees, allowing you to build huge environments with a minimal performance cost.
  • Suitable for large open worlds.
  • Suitable for all platforms.
  • Stylized Water shaders.
  • Custom-optimized LODs and Collisions.
  • Customizable materials including color palettes and wind settings.
  • Open-World Demo scene included.

Please note the Demo Scene is massive and intended for showcasing the pack, and is not intended to work out of the box for mobile or low-end devices.

Instructions on how to achieve the same result and the post-processing profile are included.