Green Meadows - Stylized Environment (Built-in)

Introducing Green Meadows, a stunning and beautiful 3D asset pack available for Unity that brings a unique and stylized nature environment to your project.

Immerse yourself in a beautiful environment filled with towering trees, rockys, and lush foliage. With custom shaders created using Shader Graph, you have full control over the environment's color, wind, and fog effects. Watch as the foliage comes to life with beautiful wind animations, and enjoy the added touch of particle systems for light rays, floating dust, and falling leaves. Create dynamic, stunning vistas with the easy-to-use dynamic sky dome system, featuring animated cloud layers that will take your breath away. Get Green Meadows today and bring a touch of nature to your next project!


  • Beautiful stylized environment art giving you a headstart for your project
  • Custom shaders giving you control over color, wind and fog
  • Beautiful wind animations on trees and other vegetation
  • LOD and collision setup on all meshes that require them
  • Beautiful demo scene showing how to bring all included features together


  • Vegetation starter pack (flowers, rock, tree, bush and grass)
  • Easy to use dynamic skydome system with cloud layers
  • Falling leaves particle system
  • Floating dust particle system
  • Light ray particle system
  • Custom vegetation shader with color tint and wind settings
  • Custom lit shader with settings to control hue, saturation, brightness and color tint
  • Custom cloud and background terrain shader with settings to control color tint and fog

Please Note

  • This is the Built-in version of Green Meadows, created for the Built-in render pipeline. By purchasing this package you get also free access to the URP version of the project
  • The showcase videos and images have been created using the URP version of the project and might therefore slightly differ visually
  • The audio files present in the demo video are not part of this package