MegaBook 2

Note: MegaBook 2 can also be found in The Big Bundle along with 4 others of our latest assets.

MegaBook 2 Demo

MegaBook 2 allows you to quickly and easily create books with page turning animation in Unity. MegaBook will create pages and other objects for your book. You can choose to provide your own page meshes as well and they will be animated as well. You have complete control over the textures and materials used for the pages and there are options to allow you to have background textures and content textures merged with a mask option. You also have complete control over the generated page meshes with options to control the size of the page and how many vertices are used to build it.

This is version 2 of our popular Book creater and animation system. It has been rewritten to take advantage of the big peformance gains that Unity Jobs and Unity Burst can add, giving a reduction in CPU usage of between 200% to 300%.

We have also added a Book Cover skinning system to make it easy to add your own custom book cover meshes. The skinning is done in a couple of clicks inside Unity, or you are free to make your own skinned meshes in your 3d package and import them or use any normal mesh and the built in Cover Skinning system to easily create your own covers.

Another new feature in MegaBook 2 is support for Video content, you can pick a video to play on the front or back of each page in the book. Also supports Text Mesh Pro content and Unity UI objects can be attached to pages.

The page turn animation system has been improved with numerous more controls to allow you to tailor the animation effect the way you need.

Also new is the Headband and Spine Fabric systems where custom meshes will be generated and applied to the book for you and they will deform correctly as the book is read.

And a new Book Maker wizard so adding a new book is just a couple of clicks. Pick a book style and cover style and click Create.

Also you can make books with objects that appear or popup on each page to make interactable books simple. Full control on how the objects appear and vanish. And with the Message system the objects can receive messages to say they have been turned on, and the state of the page they are attached to for even more control of the content.

The Book Builder inspectors have been improved making them easier to use with full Undo support. Also added are gizmos in the scene view for changing various params of the book as well as turning the pages.

If you have ever needed an animated book in your game then MegaBook 2 is what you need, it is a complete procedural book builder and animator with an advanced page turning animation system and content builder.

And an all new Demo Scene with a numerous books included.

MegaBook 2 also includes several ready to go Book styles and sizes with different cover options. Also included are a few page textures and several textured props such as table top, Candlestick, Pewter Mug, Quill, Prop books, Rum Bottle, Inkwell. And a few extra scripts such as a Book Shelf filler.

Note: The Pirate Ships, Chest, Guns and music shown in the videos are not included in the Asset but apart from the guns are Free assets and links are below.

Fluyt Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship

Pirate Music

Amada Chest

Flintlock Pistols

New Features in MegaBook 2

  • Megabook 2 rewitten to use Burst and Jobs for big speed improvements.
  • Editor code rewritten for better performance.
  • Undo fully supported.
  • New demo scene.
  • Support for Video content
  • Text Mesh Pro content support
  • Add Unity UI objects to pages
  • All code for older versions of Unity removed streamlining the code.
  • Code all in MegaBook namespace
  • Includes example old books in different styles to get you started.
  • Books can now use the new cover system which uses skinned meshes for much nicer looking books.
  • Built in skinning of your own book covers utility.
  • Adjust the cover pivot locations, rotation axism scaling to suit your needs.
  • More control over the page spread animation for better looking books.
  • Added a Turn slider for finer control of page turn while editing the book.
  • Attached object system improved, can now add scaling, translation and rotation to have objects appear and vanish nicely.
  • Attached object offset can be controlled by a curve as the page turns to stop poke through off objects.
  • New 'BookAppeared' and 'BookVanished' messages for when attached objects are turned on and off by the book.
  • New 'BookAppear' and 'BookVanish' messages which pass the amount the object is appearing or vanishing so you can control effects like fade in/out something.
  • Can add Unity UI world space elements to pages using the attach system.
  • All key params have tooltips to explain what they do.
  • The spine radius can now be controlled via a curve as the book is read so the curve of the pages at the binding can change.
  • Added headbands option so the ends of the pages at the spine can have a decorative cover as found in old books.
  • The headband will deform to match the pages spine radius so will change along with that.
  • Added Spine fabric option so you can cover the ends of your pages nicely, deforms corectly when the book is read.
  • New animation option control the max and min angles as the book turns.
  • Example scripts showing use of book messages to control objects attached to a page.
  • Noise option for page mesh creation to add rough look to pages, full control over how much and where noise is added.
  • Create Book wizard, select a few options and click create. Select from book styles and cover styles.
  • Easily add your own book and cover styles to the system.
  • Improved page edge UV options.
  • Autofit covers from one size book to another book
  • Autodisabling of page turners so no CPU used it pages not turning, have dozens of books in the scene with no extra CPU usage.
  • Includes old antique style blank page textures
  • Several 3d assets included, such as book props, table, candlestick, inkwell etc.
  • Numerous other small improvements and optimizations.
  • Book Shelf Filler Helper Script
  • Works with all Render Pipelines
  • Fully Animated 3D pages
  • Add any mesh objects as page content
  • Control where and how pages turn
  • Natural Page turning with extensive controls
  • Create a book in a couple of clicks
  • Any number of pages
  • Easy control of book thickness
  • Masked texture content
  • Procedural page meshes
  • Option to use custom page meshes
  • API for controlling your book
  • Full source code included