Nature Worlds Bundle

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Over 20% OFF discount from buying all environments separately!

Extra discount if you already own any of the packs included!

This bundle provides you with a big set of tools for nature environment creation for your game projects with anything required for building your landscapes, terrains and biomes in a quick and easy way.


Once you own the bundle this assets will appair as FREE to buy:






Bundled 4 different assets featuring unique biomes with over 900 different combinable prefabs including rocks, plants, terrains, trees, ground decoration, mushrooms, etc.

  • Prefabs are set with several LODs to improve performance.
  • All biomes include particle effects.
  • Terrain assets are ready to work with Gaia tools.
  • Included Gaia Biome preset for each terrain asset.
  • Shader support for The Vegetation Engine.
  • Shader pack included (ASE Shaders) specially crafted for the nature elements like animated trees, grass, water or even to simulate effects like sand / moss / snow covered.

Read Technical details to Start using the asset: