The Best Original Piano Themes vol. 1

Tired of that ambiences tracks and needing some more personal music to make your game really addicting through music? This is the right pack for you, containing 20 original piano themes that will make your game unforgettable, wether it’s platform, RPG, open world, adventure or any other genre. You can find the best piano theme to fit your game here.

Tracklist (.wav, 44.1KHz, 16 bit)

  1. A Path Through the Valley
  2. A Scary CavernAngels Sorrow
  3. Cave Waterdrops
  4. Doubt Fog
  5. Dreams
  6. Dwarfs Dance
  7. Epic Fields
  8. Fantasy Clouds
  9. Field Dance
  10. Good Memories
  11. Imagination Valley
  12. In The Action
  13. Joyful Creatures
  14. Magic Little Moments
  15. Melancholy in The Wind
  16. Mistery Minds
  17. Temperance March
  18. Turbulent Clouds
  19. Valley Dance