Event System

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✔️ Code-only, editor-only and hybrid workflows

✔️ Tools for efficient testing & debugging

✔️ Fine-grained control over editor features used per message type

✔️ Type safe (no strings involved)

✔️ Messages with custom parameter types

✔️ Can also be used for tools and editor scripting

✔️ Detailed documentation

✔️ Used in production (see Curvature Games)

✔️ Works well with version control

Global Message is designed to augment projects from individual developers to mid-sized teams. To empower all team members at every stage of production, supporting different workflows is a core concern. Global Message facilitates code-only, hybrid, and editor-only workflows.

Convenient editor tools help you test and debug your event flows and game logic. They track event history and allow you to trigger events directly in the editor.

How it Works

GlobalMessage makes it possible for gameplay systems to communicate with each other on a global level in a generic way. 

Receivers subscribe to Messages they are interested in and get notified whenever a Sender sends these Messages.

This approach decouples the systems from each other, which simplifies development, maintenance, and reuse.

Get an idea of how easy it is to get started with Global Message, or watch the overview videos.