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This plugin allows you to have image tracking AR on the web. It allows you to detect an image and place content on top of it. You can use this to show 3d model(s), video(s), etc, on top of a business card for marketing for example.


You can track a single image or multiple (at the same time or not). The information of the tracked image(s) can then be used to place content from your Unity scene on top of the image.

An example Monobehavior script is provided so you can do this easily and right away - you just need to attach it to a gameobject, and all of its children will be placed on top of the target image.

You can tell when a target is lost or found, so that you can make the content disappear or reappear for example.

You can configure parameters to reduce jittering and make the experience more smooth.


It's the fastest on the market. It works well even on lower end devices, not just high end ones. Don't believe me? Check it out here. The number on the top right corner is the fps from EasyFpsCounter (not included).

Here are both of the images that can be tracked in the example

  1. Bear
  2. Raccoon


You can take AR screenshots with the free ScreenshotWebGL.

You can record your AR experience using the DeviceCameraWebGL + Recorder WebGL combo (this also enables you to take AR screenshots using the official API, so the aforementioned free plugin becomes unnecessary).

You can share/download your AR screenshot/recording with ShareNSaveWebGL.


I tested on the most famous browsers. It works on the following:

Android: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Samsung Internet.

iOS: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari.


You can not define the images that will be tracked at runtime. They need to be compiled beforehand and provided at build time. This means that you need to know the image(s) that you want to track before the experience starts.

Plugin is only 3.27MB including the library files and target image stored locally. The rest is the documentation pdf and example scene which uses 3d models and images. If you remove even the libraries and compiled image to reference them from a remote server or CDN, the size goes down ~64KB.

If you like my plugin, please consider leaving a review. It helps me immensely and encourages me to improve the plugin further, and other people to support my work :).


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