Automotive HMI Dashboards UI Pack

Automotive HMI Dashboards UI Pack is a UI asset package for automotive dashboard design, including various styles of dashboard UI and complete automotive indicator icons. It can be used for HMI design or driving game development.

1.Each element is carefully designed and there are many colors to choose from.

2.The scene demos have been prepared in untiy 3d for out of the box use.

3.Each element is separate, so you can use your own icon, text, etc.

4.The indicator light and scene icons are all white basic colors, and you can change their colors at will.

5.Support open GL, PC and Mobile.

6.The script files are only used for animation demonstration, and does not provide data connection function.


● Textures: 500+ png textures(from 128px*128px to1920px*720px)

● Prefabs: 36 prefabs for individual elements

● Scenes: 6 Demo Scenes

● Scripts: 15 clean scripts

● Animations: 8

● Previews: 16

More Assets: D.F.Y. STUDIO

Note: If you need design source files, please contact us.

If you have any questions or have better suggestions about this asset, please contact us immediately.Thanks.