This asset has Giganotosaurus model.

Model has 4 LOD.

- 26500 tris

- 17700 tris

- 10700 tris

- 6000 tris

Diffuse, normal and metallic / roughness maps (all maps 2048x2048).

105 animations (IP/RM)

Attack(1-6), Walk (F,FL,FR,B,BL,BR), Run (F,FL,FR),Run_attack(1-2), Run_Jump, Trot (F,FL,FR), Trot_Attack(1-2), Swim (F,FL,FR,), Swim_Idle, Swim_turn(Left/Right), Jump_In_Place, Jump_F, Jump (start/landing), Jump_Loop (up, horisontal, down),Hit (F,M,B)(1-2) , Lie (Start/end), Lie_Idle, Sleep (start, idle, end),Sit_Idle (1-2), Sit (start/end), Idle 1-3,Roar 1-2,Roar (run/walk/trot), death (1-3), eat (1-2), pick up food (1-2),Drink start/end, Drink_Idle(1-2) ,Turn (left/right)(45/90*) etc.

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