Retarget Pro


🎮 EVERY game has this problem!

Imagine you want to use a SINGLE animation with different characters, but each character has a different skeleton. Retarget Pro solves this problem by seamlessly adapting your animations.

With its scalability and high-quality results, Retarget Pro is the perfect choice for any project. Whether you’re developing a fantasy game or a dynamic FPS, this asset will save you valuable time and resources.

🌟 Ready to leap into a new workflow? Let's see the details!

✔️ Works with any character or skeleton

Whether it's an animal, humanoid, or a weapon - Retarget Pro will share animations properly for any character, preserving the original style.

✔️ Better than Humanoid System

RetagretPro offers a way more sophisticated approach, ensuring higher performance and quality in comparison to the Unity Humanoid system. For example, this plugin perfectly handles fingers - a common problem of Humanoid Animation.

✔️ Great for FPS Games

Want to retarget reloads? Sure thing! RetargetPro is perfectly compatible with the FPS Animation Framework - the most advanced FPS system out there.

✔️ Simple and Powerful

Retarget Pro gives you full control over the retargeting process. It's easy to adjust and extend the system on the fly.

✔️ Demo with Examples

Completely free demo project with example characters, retarget presets, and animations!

YouTube Demo Project Discord