Game Dark Side Music Pack Collection

Game Dark Side Music Pack Collection is a high-quality original music package designed for royalty-free use in video games. With 52 tracks, over 61 minutes of music and 30 unique tracks, it offers a value collection of dark music. All at an affordable price. Take your project to the next level.

The Collection contains:

Game Dark Side Music Pack Vol.1

Game Dark Side Music Pack Vol.2

Game Dark Side Music Pack Vol.3

Designed to provide a tense and unsettling musical background. This music will work well for use in cinematics and to provide background music to generate tension and anxiety. It is recommended for video games that need an oppressive and disturbing atmosphere to cause psychological terror. The most suitable genres are dark horror adventure and survival horror. It will also be very appropriate in games that contain high doses of drama, tragedy and suspense in their plots.


Full-tracks includes multiple edits such alternate and looped versions for easy synchronization.


Using high-quality professionally-mixed & mastered music is one of the best ways to instantly elevate the quality of your project.

I hope this collection can help and be useful to the indie developer community.


This music is licensed WITHOUT COPYRIGHT and WITHOUT ATTRIBUTION so your videos can be monetized on the Youtube platform as long as the music is part of a larger finished product.