Troll (Cannibal) OFFICIAL SALE

Hello everyone,

I am launching a new series of RPG Fantasy Characters.

The third character from this series is the Troll.

The character has a humanoid rig Unity

The character has a face morph.

The character has a physics cloth.

Other characters from the new RPG series




PBR textures.





(all 8 192-8 192 size)

Polys: 212,380

Tris: 418,480

Verts: 228,530

The character has version 2 where there are fewer polygons.

Polys: 119,034

Tris: 235,338

Verts: 118,891


PBR textures.





(all 4096-4096 size)

Polys: 7,890

Tris: 15,678

Verts: 7,889