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Introducing the FPS Animation Framework – the ideal enhancement for your shooter game.

Elevate your project with our efficient animation system that simplifies time-consuming tasks such as dynamic look poses, weapon blocking, procedural recoil, and automatic aiming reloads, among other advanced features.

How does it improve your animation process? The framework is intuitively designed as a single, cohesive animation component. Simply add it to your character and experience the difference!

Consider our asset as a reliable animation post-processor, complete with an extensive animation library to support you in creating custom animation logic with ease.

Is it user-friendly? Absolutely! Our FPS Animation Framework is designed to integrate smoothly with your existing controller or game engine. Comprehensive documentation and video tutorials cover everything you need to get started.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to join our Discord server and our helpful community will be there to guide you.

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