Parrots 2D Bird's (Game assets)

This package contains 2D animated Parrots, that will perfectly fit in a side scrolling platformer games and any other type of games.All animations are Sprite-sheet animations.You can use the package commercially and non-commercially

Technical Details:-

- Character's : 5 (Blue parrot, green, red, yellow, Blue-yellow)

- Props : 9(Chilli x2, Tomatto x2, Carrot, Gold coin, Bird cage.etc)

- Animations : 1 (Flying)Spritesheet animation

- Design type : Cartoony, 2D

- File format : PNG

- Sprite resolution : 4930 x 4020 (Parrot:individual), 2016 x1910 (Props : Packed image)


- Different unique Parrot's

- Cute and funny character

- Smooth loop animations

- Easy to adjust speed of the default animation's using unity editor

- Prefabs included

- Rigidbody, 2D Box colliders attached

- Drag and drop and use

- Well arranged folders

- High quality images

- Mobile supported

- Demo scenes & Guides included

How to use:-

Simply drag and drop any prefab from(Parrot_2D > Prefabs) folder

to your scene and use it.

About Me : "SR Studios Kerala", Indie Game developer & 3D-2D Genaralist Artist from Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Contact :

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