ShadowBox: Icon Studio

ShadowBox: Icon Studio is an editor utility that helps you create accurate icons for your scene objects. Simply place, rotate, and scale your object, select a background image, an optional foreground image, and click "Create Icon"!

Icon Sizing: Easily scale your generated icons up or down without loss! Select your preferred size between 256x256 and 4096x4096 pixels.

Foreground Overlays: Easily add overlays to your icons by selecting a foreground image before generation and let Icon Studio do the rest!

Transparent Icons: Create transparent icons of that amazing weapon or terrifying, creepy monster with the click of a button! ShadowBox: Icon Studio does all of the heavy lifting.

Solid Color Icons: Create solid color icons of any game object to use in your UI/UX! 


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ShadowBox: Interactivity Toolkit

RPG Builder Integrations:

UMA for RPG Builder

Enviro for RPG Builder

Interactivity Toolkit for RPG Builder


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Stylized Chests: Ancient Chest

Stylized Chests: Barrel Chest

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