Party Mode Enjoyed Dancing Character Pack - Female and Male Bundle OFFICIAL SALE

A bunch of people having a great time at a party - men and women with hats, glasses and balloons, dancing and enjoying themselves. Perfect for New Year's, Christmas, birthdays or any other type of celebration party. Or you could use them as the people dancing in a nightclub scene. They would be an excellent addition to any game that needs male and female characters who know how to have a good time! So, let the party begin!

The pack includes 9 hyper casual characters models for your different type of genres.

The package includes 3 female characters and 3 male characters. This materials have a fully textured and detailed design.

  • 9 unique Meshes and Prefabs
  • Demo Scene Included
  • 6 Materials
  • Base Map, Mask Map,Normal Map
  • Rig: Yes (Woman Character 1, Woman Character 2, Woman Character 3, Man Character 1, Man Character 2, Man Character 3)
  • Textures with resolution 2048x2048