Smart Rooms: Procedural Level Generator & Room Builder OFFICIAL SALE

Introducing Smart Rooms, an innovative Unity package designed to revolutionize the way you generate game levels based on Spelunky 2 level generator. Built with flexibility and control at its core, Smart Rooms facilitates the creation of diverse and dynamic game spaces through its robust procedural level generation capabilities.

With its unique approach to level generation, Smart Rooms offers more than just a tool — it provides a comprehensive solution for creating engaging and dynamic procedural game levels. Whether you're building intricate puzzles, sprawling labyrinths, or simple platformers, Smart Rooms adapts to fit your needs, making it an indispensable addition to any game developer's toolkit.

The Smart Rooms are build using Unity Tile System which allows for easier integration into existing projects. The project already contains several custom Tiles which are usable thanks to the fact they inherit from BaseTile. This makes creating complex levels and interactions easier. Each level is composed of Rooms. Each Room is a prefab which can contain any logic any objects inside. It can also contain substructure prefabs which can also contain Tiles. This really drives the number of possibilities higher.

This package uses custom layers and tags and input axes which have to be present. For more information check documentation.

To install:

View documentation

Default Controls:

Arrows keys / WASD -> Movement

Z -> Jump

X -> Attack