2D TopDown Ruins Tileset - Rogue Adventure

Rogue Adventure is a pixel art asset pack that is inspired by games such as Dark Souls and Diablo, with dark themes and colors. Rogue Adventure features multiple asset packs with different themes that makes possible to create complete games and worlds.

Asset Content:

  • Ruins tiles for your game!
  • over 1.500 tiles!
  • over 200 animated tiles!
  • animated torches!
  • animated stones!
  • animated objects!
  • Multiple type of walls!
  • Multiple type of builds!
  • Variations of colors!
  • Lots of props to create your Ruins!

Get your hands on one of the best pixelart assets and create your Caverns areas with this amazing asset pack!

Note: The tilemap comes fully configurated and ready to use but the user will have to set the rules and animations to fit his project.